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Post  xiaoxin on Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:36 am

Classic Chocolate UGG Boots were definitely part of a trendy upturn in women fashion a handful of years back, right now in the fall and winter months of 2010-2011, they are back with a couple fresh add-ons to the lineup.mbt sko ,

Below is the complete collection of Classic Chocolate UGGs available to women in 2010:

Chocolate Classic Tall and Short - As one might expect, the first Classic styles of boots can be found in Chocolate this year.pandora schmuck , The tall version rises to a below-the-knee height and the short boot comes to mid-calf on most ladies.ugg tall , Both of these boots are simple and stylish, with the dark Chocolate brown color adding a bit of a rugged touch to the look.ugg argyle knit boots ,

Chocolate UGG Bailey Button - The Bailey Button boot was brought to the Classic UGG collection last year, and (as I expected) it's returning this year for women and children. This boot is incredibly stylish - if there were a word I would use to explain it, it would be cute.?Short - just a few inches above the ankle in height, it is fastened on the side with one button and can also be worn folded over for a distinctly different look.

Chocolate UGG Bailey Button Triplet - In line with the style of the Bailey Button (described above), the Triplet has the same basic style but with a higher shaft and three boots fastening on the side. This version of the original boot also can be worn unbuttoned and folded over for a different look. This particular boot is predicted to be the most popular for the fall and winter seasons this year - among the new additions to the collection that is.

Chocolate Classic Cardy Boots - While the UGG Cardy is actually into its third year in the Classic collection, it has not been available in the color Chocolate before this year. The dark brown color is flecked with gold adding some show and allowing it to be noticeable in looks among the lineup.

A few other styles offered to women on the list of Chocolate UGG Boots lineup aren't a part of the Classic collection, but they are some to look at nonetheless. These consist of styles like the Delaine (a great new sneaker boot), the Capstone (probably the perfect winter season boot) and more.


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